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In 1895, Ken Caryl was transformed into a stable working farm when James Adam Perley purchased the house.Finding success as a dairy farmer, he and his family lived there comfortably until they sold the property to John Shaffer in 1914.The Manor House remains restored to original glory and has served food and housed weddings on and off for the past decade or so.It can still be easily accessed and seen in the valley today.If distance presents a problem, try joining a Colorado mailing list for the locality and perhaps you will locate someone in the area who can do a newspaper lookup for you.

Most libraries have local area newspapers on microfilm and have often indexed the obituaries.

After renaming and giving the ranch its current name after his sons Kent and Carroll, Shaffer soon built the Manor House and diversified into beef ranching.

Shaffer, who was also the owner of the Rocky Mountain News at this time, would also purchase the Bradford/Perley House in 1926 to add to his property.

Although an executive in the burgeoning steel industry, he also decided to keep and breed cattle on the ranch, which remained profitable until his estate sold it to the Johns-Manville Corporation in 1971.

This corporation then shaped the valley into its modern-day form by building a large corporate campus (meant to be their headquarters) as well as a housing community (originally for employees).

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